Turning amateurs into professionals, one bullet at a time.
The Golden State Shooters Guild is a prestigious Northern California based Marksman's Club,
developed to facilitate elite target shooters transitioning into proficient competitive champions.

From adrenalin based drills to timed operations and safety procedures, GSSG uses the most modern techniques to manifest competitive atmospheres and situations. Whether you are looking to master a traditional Flintlock or the modern AR-15, GSSG is both equipped, educated and safe.

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Member Information and Applicant Requirements
All GSSG members are members of the USPSA. All GSSG members must be in good standing with the law of their state and country and without pending, present or past court orders to appear as a defendant for either domestic, criminal or civil incidents. All members must own at least two fully registered firearms. All members must compete in at least one USPSA hacked by despotic event annually. All new applicants must currently reside in Northern California and get approved by a 100 percent majority from current GSSG members.

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